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Refurbishment of four (4) desalters at GC-1

Bidding procedure: All specialized companies which have the true desire to participate in this tender, and have the efficiency, ability, previous experience and specialized in the above mentioned field, please be informed that tender documents shall be withdrawn during the period from: (Day: Sunday, Corres. To: 01/08/202 1 A.D to Day: Sunday, Corres. To: 15/08/202 1 A.D), (from: 10:00 A.M   to: 12:00 P.M)  through a direct delivery to their representatives who have to fill a form on the date of delivery, upon an amount of money of Five thousand (5000) L.D paid through non-refundable certified cheque issued by one of the working Libyan banks, for the benefit of the Arabian Gulf Oil company.
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