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02nd Extension of Deadline

National and International Open Invitation to Tender N° 01/PROC/DPS/2020

The Algerian Company of Realization of Industrial Projects “SARPI Spa”, informs all the tenderers that are interested in the national and international open invitation to tender N° 01/PROC/DPS/2020, regarding:

Supply of Anticorrosive coating materials for pipelines for the transport of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons

Published in the Baosem n° 1779 of July, 22nd 2020, that the specifications’ withdrawal deadline, intended on August, 24th 2020, has been extended to September, 06th 2020.

The offers’ submission deadline, intended on August, 25th 2020, has been extended to September, 07th 2020 at 10h00.

The opening session shall take place at: SARPI Spa, 24 Rue de Timgad Hydra Algiers, on September, 07th 2020 at 10h30.

Website: www.sarpi-dz.com